Surgeons and Physicians

Adding Value to Surgeons and Physicians

See injured patients without healthcare insurance? 
Been denied a procedures for an injured patient?

You’ve worked hard to build your practice.  By working with Medport Billing, the headaches of collection and personal injury care will be resolved, allowing you to stay focused on growing your practice and ultimately your bottom line.



Today’s Medical Landscape

  • General health insurance reimbursements are going down.
  • Overhead is increasing.
  • Accepting personal injury lien AND T.P.L cases is an option for growing your practice.   As other payors provide less favorable terms to you, this avenue of business is increasingly appealing.
  • The downside of P.I. is that collecting on these cases is costly and resource consuming.  Often diverting the attention of your organization away from growing your practice.
  • There is risk associated with every medical legal case, as the lien / LOP can result in a complete write off.
  • The time gap between your client care and case settlement and your payment can be years.

The value of MedPort Billing-

  • MedPort Billing realizes the difficulty of evaluating and collecting lien / LOP cases in the Personal Injury (PI) industry. With insurance reimbursements down, creating a virtual mutual fund of payers is critical to every practice. Diversify your personal injury away from just a few referral sources through allowing us to take on your risk.
  •  MedPort’s acclaimed underwriting team assists you with underwriting all your cases.  No more questioning the validity of the attorneys referral, we do it for you.  We rapidly review your case and verify critical information before the necessary procedure is done. Medical insurance companies pre-approve cases, why not have MedPort Billing do this for you?
  • We understand how long it took you to develop the relationships with your referring physicians and attorneys. We also know that your reputation with law offices is critical to your future business. This is why we treat the law offices with respect. MedPort billing takes the necessary reductions at the end of the case. We continue to build and strengthen your relationships with attorneys, bolstering your reputation and business.
  • We treat your patients with respect. We consult with their attorneys in regards to accepting the case and try to alleviate the patients’ healthcare payment concerns. This way the physician patient relationship is preserved and the focus can maintained on care rather than the finances of the case.

MedPort Billing is interested in working with you on your old outstanding lien balances as well as future receivables.

 MedPort works with:





The Financial Benefits:

  • Boost your cash flow.
  • Removes the cost and risk of managing the collections process of maturing accounts receivable.
  • Enables doctors to increase their incomes by creating a new market.
  • Increase your business without added debt.
  • Receive guaranteed payment for Personal Injury cases.
  • Decrease office overhead.
  • Eliminate processing and verification costs.
  • Creates a new patient referral base.



MedPort Billing (MB) is a company that purchases medical receivables. MB is not a medical provider and does not direct patients to medical providers or offer any determinations for medical necessity. The medical provider may elect to submit related medical charges MB for consideration for purchase, but the medical provider is not required or obligated to sell MB the medical charges and may choose to bill the responsible party/payer directly.