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MedPort currently works with ASC’s across the country through one of our Lien/LOP financing and/or servicing programs. We improve your cash flow and decrease overhead while keeping your surgeons happy. We are informed of the dynamic payer reimbursement concerns and other challenges ASC administrator / executives manage.

ASC Challenges We Can Help Improve

  • Keeping your surgical cases running efficiently while keeping up with today’s payor mix is becoming increasingly complex
  • Continuous need to increase revenue sources. With insurance reimbursements down, creating a virtual mutual fund of payers is critical to every practice.
  • Create Cash Flow Now to help with the expenses associated with new equipment
  • Physicians treat patients with multiple payors including PI & Worker’s Compensation. It is critical to handle their patient mix at your center so they are not forced to take  cases to other facilities.
  • The risks associated with “Lien cases” result in a large time gap between treatment and payment.
  • ASC’s are not set up to underwrite cases before they take place; resulting in increased expense without guaranteed payment.

You’ve worked hard to build your ASC and therefore it is critical that you keep your focus on many of the issues noted above. Let MedPort handle some of these for you; outsource your personal injury workload and increase your revenue. We have a number of financial products / programs aimed towards your Lien/LOP cases which will immediately increase your cash flow!  Outsource your account servicing to MedPort resulting in a  decreased overhead and strengthened  relationships with your physicians. Let us shoulder some of your responsibility!

We’ve refined our systems over the last decade to ensure your cases are managed efficiently, allowing you to focus on the day-to-day activities of your facility and other opportunities to yield growth.

MedPort’s operation will meet with your team to create a smooth and seamless process that works for you. Our acclaimed underwriting team evaluates the case and verifies critical information before the procedure is done. Our turn-key solutions should keep your            current service uninterrupted!

Learn What MedPort Can Do For Your ASC

MedPort can Finance your Lien/LOP cases; both Old and  Moving Forward accounts

  • We have many financial products to custom fit your needs.
  • We can leave you in control of settlement practices.
  • We can remain your private finance company.
  • We can pay you within days of any individual procedure.
  • We can finance all of your cases for just specific ones.

 Service your Lien/LOP accounts; Underwrite cases, Account Status Checks / Settlements

  • Our highly trained case service managers and our underwriting team both use proprietary software to best evaluate and service your case from inception through settlement.
  • We can provide reports detailing the status of your cases in the collections cycle as well as specific settlement analysis.
  • MedPort billing professional staff does what is necessary to allow law offices to settle their cases efficiently, providing maximum value. This treatment strengthens your facility’s reputation.

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